by Ken Gardner

Let's have a new tax, whaddaya say? Let's give our representatives an idea for a new tax. Here's how it would work. You would pay this tax in addition to all the other taxes you pay. If you're poor, you would pay $50 a month. Whew! That's steep! But that's not all. If you're rich, you pay $20 a month. $20 a month! For the rich! And $50 a month for the poor! That's not fair! No, it's not, but that's how this new tax would work.

Now, what are we going to do with the money this tax raises? Build schools, highways, hospitals, hire more police, firemen, and teachers? Okay, we'll use the money for that. But not all of it. Only about a third of it. Another third we'll give to a business, a single business. And the last third we'll give to some individual, or maybe a handful of individuals, who don't deserve it. They haven't a thing to deserve the money, which amounts to a fortune. They haven't worked or sacrificed or accomplished anything to receive it. They're just chosen at random to get the money. They could be crooks, drug addicts, or drunks, or they could already be filthy rich. And they'll probably waste and squander the money.

What person in his right mind would want a tax like this? It'll never pass. Oh no? It already has. It's called the lottery. Foolish people voted for it, and people even more foolish play it everyday.