"Baby Shower Gone Bad" - I'll Say
by Ken Gardner

I wonder how often police get called to a baby shower? Last month they were called to a baby shower in Springfield, Massachusetts. It seems a man got into an argument with another man who was dating the first man's ex-girlfriend. They had been arguing over whether the woman should let their 5-year-old daughter drink beer (apparently the little girl was the daughter of the first boyfriend). The argument led to a fight between the two men, and that led to a brawl involving several people. One man got shot, the guest of honor was "beaten with a stick," and three people were arrested!

Let me see if I've got this straight. A woman has a baby by her boyfriend, whom she never marries, and later she gets pregnant by another boyfriend, whom she does want to marry. But before they get married, she's given a baby shower, where she tries to let her little girl (the daughter of the first boyfriend) drink beer. The two boyfriends argue, then fight, others get involved, someone gets shot, the woman gets beaten with a stick, and three are arrested!

They really do sound like lovely people, don't they? The kind of people you'd like to get to know, be friends with, live next door to? I don't mean to be over-critical of others-I know I've had wonderful parents and every opportunity in the world and every encouragement and inducement to do what's right, nurturing that so many others have not had. But when I read about and observe how people of the world live (and how some "Christians" live!) it makes me so glad that I am a Christian! That I married a Christian, that we took our children to church, that we prayed at the supper table, that we live quiet, even routine lives of peace and security and happiness. It is without question the best life in the world! I wouldn't trade it for anything. And I'll do anything to protect myself and my family from worldliness that only leads to disappointment, unhappiness, insecurity, and grief.

May all know, or come to know, the joy and happiness that comes from being a humble, faithful child of God!