by Ken Gardner

The Bible tells us about a young lady who ran away from home.* She was pregnant at the time, and just about as miserable as a person could be. True, she had been mistreated at home, but she hadn't been an angel herself. Much of the friction at home had been her fault.

When she was about as depressed as she could get, God appeared to her and told her two things. First, He told her to go home and grow up. He then told her that He understood. He knew she hadn't been treated fairly at home, but that's where she belonged. He promised to take care of her, told her baby would be all right, and said that she would have many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The young lady was deeply moved that God Himself was concerned about her, and she did what He said. She even thanked Him for caring for her and setting her straight. She called Him the God who sees, and she named her baby, "God Hears." She was profoundly grateful that God loved her.

God still sees and hears today. No, He doesn't appear to us and talk with each of us personally as He sometimes did in biblical times. He doesn't mysteriously whisper in our ears what we should or shouldn't do. But He does speak to us through the pages of the Bible, and there He gives us rules and principles so we'll always know what to do in every circumstance. Oftentimes He's telling us pretty much the same thing He told this unhappy young lady so many centuries ago: grow up, don't run away from your problems, be willing to accept a little mistreatment in life, don't expect everything to go your way, accept responsibility for your conduct, admit it when you're wrong, don't make a bad situation worse, etc. But most importantly, God is still in effect saying to you and me today, Listen--I love you and I understand. I know what you're going through, and it hurts me to see you hurting so. I'm always here for you. I see and I hear. Even though we are children of God, there are times when the walls seem to cave in on us. We face serious problems, difficulties come our way, others rub us the wrong way, we get sick, we lose our jobs, life doesn't turn out the way we planned, we feel inferior and alone, our loved ones die, we get depressed, and on and on. But regardless of what happens, don't ever forget--God sees and God hears!

*Read Genesis 16