Lock the Doors!
Serial Killer Murders 20 People Every Night!
by Ken Gardner

Suppose that when you woke up every morning, you heard on the radio that another twenty people had been murdered overnight. There was a serial killer on the loose, and every night he stabbed or shot twenty people in the area where you live. Would you be afraid to go out at night? Would you be absolutely terrified? Would you and your neighbors be in a panic? Can you imagine the outcry that would be raised that something, anything, be done to stop this slaughter?

Believe it or not, there are twenty people in the area where you live who are killed everyday-from smoking cigarettes. In an area the size of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, about 20 people die everyday from smoking. That's 400,000 deaths in the United States-every year! Think about it. We've often lamented the huge loss of life during the Civil War-600,000. But smoking claims 400,000 deaths every year. That's more than we lost in World War I (53,000), World War II (292,000), and Vietnam (47,000) combined. But unlike the deaths from these wars, and the 37,000 who died in Korea, the killing from cigarettes never stops, another 400,000 lives taken year after year.

You say you can't quit? That's really not true, is it? Are you willing to say that it is absolutely impossible for you to quit smoking? I didn't think so. If cigarettes were to disappear off the face of the earth, then you'd have no choice but to quit, now wouldn't you? You'd survive, and even be glad that there were no more cigarettes in existence. You could quit smoking, if you really wanted to. I've read that most of the people who quit smoking, drinking, or doing drugs, do so on their own, without any help from doctors or clinics or medications or treatment programs. They quit because they decide to.

However, if you should choose to continue to smoke (and if you do continue to smoke, it is because you have chosen not to quit), please keep your smoking to yourself. Put this nasty, unhealthy habit in the closet. Try not to let anyone know that you smoke. Keep it a secret. Cover it up the way you would cover up a pimple. We're not asking you to lie or be dishonest. Just don't broadcast the fact that you smoke. When you keep telling everyone you smoke, you're sending a message that smoking isn't really all that bad. When you keep telling everyone that you can't quit, you're leaving the impression that we're all at the mercy of our bad habits.

You say, "But I'm just being honest when I tell people that I smoke and can't quit." No, the honest thing to do is to admit that smoking is bad for you and your family, and that if you really wanted to, if you loved yourself and your family enough, then you would quit.

Yes, by all means, let's be honest-let's face the facts, and let's do the right thing.