by Ken Gardner

“There is one thing you can do that no one else can do.  What is it?  No one can be a better you than you.  You are unique.  There is no one just like you.  And what is it that makes you different from everyone else?  Your imperfections.  If we were all perfect, we’d all be the same.  But we’re all different, and we’re different because of the different imperfections we have.  So don’t be ashamed of or embarrassed by your imperfections—I’m too short, too tall, too big, too little, too dumb, too loud, too quiet, too bashful, I talk too much, I talk too little, my voice is too high, too low, I’m not good looking, I’m not athletic, I’m not rich, I’m not this, I’m not that—so what?  Your imperfections are what make you—you!  Don’t use them as an excuse not to improve.  By all means, do your best.  But accept your imperfections and limitations.  And learn to be happy with who and what you are.  Be yourself.

Think about the apostles.  What kind of men were they?  Extra, extra special men?  No, they were ordinary.  Very ordinary.  And don’t ever forget: ordinary people are the best people.

Did you see the movie “Rudy,” about the young man who wanted desperately to play football, but he didn’t have much talent?  But he worked and worked and worked, even though the coach never let him play in a game, not a single down, until the last game of his college career.  He didn’t have much talent, but he had more what?  Drive, zeal, enthusiasm.  He was more motivated than others, and he worked harder.  He did his best.  He was a hero.  Are you a Rudy?  Be a Rudy!  Stop comparing yourself with others and be the best you, you can be!