Poor, Clueless Steve Blow
by Kenny Gardner

First of all, you should know, if you don’t already, that I am not a fan of Steve Blow. When Mr. Blow first began writing for the Dallas Morning News a number of years ago, he made his mark by defending homosexuality as a legitimate and innocent lifestyle. He wrote article after article defending perverts and criticizing folks like you and me for our conviction that homosexuality is immoral. He doesn’t write much about homosexuality nowadays—those articles must have served their purpose, getting everyone to sit up and take notice of the new columnist in town. So, while I may agree with Blow at times, I really don’t have much respect for him or many of his views.

I think his article two weeks ago illustrates how muddled much of his thinking is. He wrote that he was “dismayed” by “raunchy” behavior he witnessed at the Alamo recently. Yes, he should have been upset—just as we all should be. Mr. Blow described the behavior as indecent, “raunchy,” “lewd,” and “vulgar.” He said he was completely surprised and could hardly believe his eyes. He suggested that the “antics” he saw are symptomatic of a “civilization in decline.” The actions he observed are too vulgar to me to even mention in a church bulletin (if you’d like to read the article, you can at
http://www.dallasnews.com/news/ columnists/steve-blow/20120707-at-the-alamo-now-its-decency-under-attack.ece).

In the article there’s further evidence of a society in decline. Mr. Blow is a “Big Brother” in the “Big Brother Big Sisters” program to a fourteen-year-old young man who listens to rap music on his “ever-present earphones.” The boy’s favorite is a Houston rapper called “South Park Mexican.” “The lyrics were full of the worst profanity, crude references to every imaginable sex act, constant glorification of drugs and nonstop mention of guns and violence,” Blow wrote after listening to some of this “music” (if you can call it music!). The young man “keep insisting . . . that it’s just entertainment and not any sort of bad influence.” Mr. Blow wasn’t buying that, and of course neither do I. How naïve and foolish to think that listening to such trash does not have a detrimental influence on an individual!

Furthermore, some of the comments on the website to Blow’s article show just how far many in our society have already gone. One reader told Blow to relax: “Chill, Steve: Irreverence is American as Apple Pie.” Another reader made fun of Blow’s comments: “I feel so accomplished that an article in the Dallas Morning News was written about me!”

But another reader came close to the point I’m going to make: “Welcome to America, Steve. It's a by-product of the generation that insisted on not being judged and if it feels good, do it! We reap what we sow.”

Please keep in mind that Steve Blow is a staunch defender of homosexuality. Yet he condemns “raunchy” antics and depraved musical lyrics. Which brings me to my main point: To save his life, Steve Blow could not explain why some things are moral and some things are immoral! He doesn’t believe that the Bible is the word of God, at least not in any real sense, as he has made clear in at least one other column. So the Bible is not his moral guide (although he is a religious person, having some association with a denomination). Even when it comes to this recent article, Steve’s moral indecisiveness is evident. He obviously disapproves of “vulgar” behavior—at the Alamo! Elsewhere lewd behavior is not so objectionable.Read what he says:

Listen, I understand raunchy guy humor. Filthy jokes and lewd gestures have been around forever. They’re not my taste, but I’m no prude either. In another setting, I might have laughed off the guy’s cannon antics. But certainly not in this setting—not on the hallowed ground of the Alamo, not in a public place crowded with children and families.

So there you have it. “Filthy jokes and lewd gestures” are not Blow’s “taste.” In some settings he might even “laugh” at “filthy jokes and lewd gestures.” With an attitude like that, do you think Blow will ever convince a fourteen-year-old not to listen to rap music filled with profanity?

Now contrast Blow’s viewpoint with that of a gospel preacher, a preacher who believes that the Bible is the word of God, that true morality comes from God’s revelation, and that America’s abandonment of biblical principles is the cause of our country’s decline:

American civilization has undergone a sweeping cultural revolution for over forty years. The American moral framework is being restructured, and this country’s religious roots and spiritual perspective are being altered. The founding fathers and the American population of the first 150 years of our national existence would not have tolerated many of the beliefs and practices that have become commonplace in society. This list of practices would include gambling (i.e., the lottery, horse-racing, casinos, etc.), divorce, alcohol and public drunkenness, homosexuality, unwed pregnancy, and pornography in movies and magazines. These behaviors simply would not have been tolerated by the bulk of American society from the beginning up to World War II. But the moral and religious foundations of our nation are experiencing catastrophic erosion. The widespread practice of abortion is simply one sign among many of this cultural shift in our country (“Abortion and the Bible,” by Dave Miller, http://www.apologeticspress.org/apcontent.aspx?category=7&article=445)

You see, there’s a fundamental difference between people like Steve Blow and New Testament Christians like you and me. Whether Blow recognizes it or not, or whether or not he will admit it, the fact of the matter is, Blow’s morality is based on his own personal “taste.”

He says people who see nothing wrong with lewd antics at the Alamo are “clueless.” I agree, but I also say that he, too, is clueless, because he can’t explain why lewd acts are wrong.