by Ken Gardner

Of course, all of us know that Aristotle was an ancient philosopher, but would you say that he was a particularly evil man? Most of us probably won’t think that a man known for his wisdom would be terribly wicked. Yet, according a recent editorial in the Plano Star Courier, Aristotle actually advocated the killing of babies! The writer said that Aristotle “argued in Politics that killing handicapped children was essential to the functioning of society.” “Essential to the functioning of society”?! Does that mean that a society cannot function unless it kills babies? Apparently that’s exactly what Aristotle meant. Here’s what he said:

…there must be a law that no imperfect or maimed child shall be brought up. And to avoid an excess in population, some children must be exposed [as on the trash heap to die]. For a limit must be fixed to the population of the state.

Can you believe it? This just goes to show where “human reasoning” and logic will take us if we abandon God’s word (Proverbs 14:12; Jeremiah 10:23). As I’m always saying, God made us and He knows better than we do what’s best for us. If we are ever going to be happy, it will only be because we let God guide and control our lives. We will never be blessed unless we become what God wants us to be. We desperately need and simply cannot survive without His wisdom, guidance, and laws. Our God is not a mad scientist Who (1) made us, (2) made us dependent on Him (as helpless as a baby unable to survive without his parents), and (3) stands off in the distance watching us struggle and die in ignorance and misery. No, God has provided for us both physically and spiritually. May we realize and appreciate the spiritual blessings of love and forgiveness that our Heavenly Father offers to each of us.